Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

When you hire A1 Grout & Tile Solutions to clean your tile and grout you just might be surprised to see how fast and simple our process is.

STEP 1 – We Apply Our Cleanser – Our acid-free commercial-grade cleanser is more safe than what you purchase at the store, yet it breaks down oil and dirt that has accumulated over time.

STEP 2 – We Work the Cleanser Into the Grout – Dirt, grime and soil can be tricky to clean when they have attached themselves into your grout. That is why our team will work the cleanser into the hard to reach grout lines with our brushes to help break up the build-up.

STEP 3 – We Steam – When we steam the grout, we provide a level of clean like no other. Using our powerful equipment, we will clean your grout on your tile with concentrated hot water with a high-volume suction.

STEP 4 – We Seal the Grout – When the grout is thoroughly cleaned, we will use our specialized, penetrating sealer to seal the open pores. By sealing your grout it will deliver durability and strength to provide long-lasting results to help you maintain a clean look.

STEP 5 – Cure – Once the cleaning with sealant has been applied, we recommend allowing the area to cure for 24-hours or more. Do not mop or pull furniture across, and only lightly walk across those area for at least a full day.

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